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Products: Ladies Fashion

Lowest Prices:

Lowest Prices Ranging from; £24.99 to £44.99

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Click here to see-The Gradient Half Sleeve

The decision to run an online women’s clothing store was influenced by among other things, frequenting and browsing through online shops and purchasing clothes for my wife and three daughters. I eventually realised from their comments, appreciation and admiration that I have a good taste when it comes to choosing ladies outfit. Because of that, when I started contemplating going into business, it was very easy for me to decide on specialising in selling women clothing. I have also travelled to so many countries where I have discovered that fashion wasn’t just about wonderful looks but a social expression of oneself and their surroundings.

High Waist Asymmetric Hem One Shoulder DressHigh Waist Asymmetric Hem One Shoulder Dress

It’s amazing how one can instantly recognise which country you are at just from the clothes people are wearing. I am excited by the prospects of being able to serve thousands of women through availing to them quality clothing at affordable prices. Follow the  link to Rosewe and enjoy  shopping on our site


Our intention is to put a smile on the face of every man or woman who visit our site by providing them with the opportunity to be able to purchase women clothing at reasonable prices. At My Smart Shoppers corner (MSSC) site, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of affordable women clothing, catering for all ages and sizes. we adhere to the concept that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion” without having to break the bank. We aim to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these styles to market in collaboration with our renowned affiliates online merchants. So whether you’re searching for dresses for special occasions or casual wear, MSSC is the ultimate online shop for the modern yet economical and reasonable prices. MSSC further aims to promptly offer stylish quality ladies clothes at appealing prices to every online user.


Keyhole Neckline Sequin Embellished Printed Maxi DressKeyhole Neckline Sequin Embellished Printed Maxi Dress

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an online store that will make available a wide range of clothes for young adults and old women; an online clothing store that will cater for both high end customers and for low income earners

My Interest in Fashion

My interest in fashion fuels my creativity/entrepreneurship and determination and I am excited to improve the technical skills I already have e.g building my website, and to combine my love for fashion with knowledge of marketing and merchandising. I want to delve deeply into the fashion world, increasing my growing curiosity and knowledge through marketing and promoting women clothing online. I have developed profound interest in fashion over the years and I am absolutely determined to bring the best of the best of women fashion to my site. To that end I have joined hands with of the giants in online merchants namely Rosewe, to provide quality clothing products to our customers

Going Forward

The MSSC is to aggressively develop and market a wide range collection of women fashion to our customers. The store intends to market clothing lines from reputable and trusted online merchants as an affiliate.Because we have the right strategies and plans in place, we are sure of meeting, achieving and exceeding our desired goals and intention.

MSSC will also endeavour to build on its core values of trustworthy and transparency in our dealings with our valued customers. Most importantly, we aim to build a strong bond with our customers that stems from mutual appreciation and respect based on our core values.

Our Core Values

Intergrity and Ethics


Treat People With Respect


Reach every potential customer on line



Passionate and determined

Customer centred

Trustworthy & Transperancy


This site is dedicated on availing women fashion clothes online and to ensure that we offer good quality clothes at affordable prices. We intend to build a solid online women clothing fashion store by ensuring that we affiliate with well-established with unquestionable track record online clohing merchants with a view to bring and facilitate easy access to the latest women fashion to our customers at affordable prices.Our goal is to offer the, smartest, stylish, chic and  cutest clothes at the best possible prices.

Advantages of shopping at MSSC site

affordable prices

all women clothing under one roof

latest fashion

value for money

easy to access

reliable shipping/delivery

Christmas season is around the corner, MSSC can be that corner where you browse through and buy that outfit that you desperately need for that special occassion  and purchase some gifts for your loved ones from the comfort of your living room.

Please follow this  link and enjoy your shopping

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